Hundreds of intelligence officers work at US embassy in Yerevan

Янис Юкша адвокат интервью

Caliber.Az had an interview with a well-known Russian lawyer and public figure, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Yanis Yuksha.

As for the Caucasus agenda, it is quite obvious why it is being ratcheted up today. Armenia is the only country in the South Caucasus that has the largest US representation, with more than a thousand employees, most of whom represent the US intelligence system. Therefore, of course, certain forces from outside will try to push Armenia into the trouble zone. As far as the CSTO mission is concerned, I believe it will come up with some kind of recommendations, according to which ways of settling Armenian-Azerbaijani relations will be proposed. It is very important that Armenia agrees to these proposals. It seems to me that movement towards the implementation of these recommendations should be reciprocal. Of course, a lot depends on Armenia, but there are also issues that depend on Azerbaijan. Therefore, we would hope that the sides will find some kind of compromise to establish peace in the region.